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Putian  FuChun Wood CO., LTD




Address:China putian city in fujian province xiuyu timber trade processing zones at the national level

About Us

       Putian FUCHUN Wood co., LTD., founded in 2009 on September 29, the national timber trade processing zone is located in putian city xiuyu district. Enterprises engaged in Musical Instruments (such as piano, violin, guitar) timber production and processing.

       Processing includes: North America, spruce, Korean pine, spruce, Tibet toon and other associated tree species, has been formed supply, integrated enterprise. Use natural harbor xiuyu port resources, and national policy advantages of timber trade processing demonstration area, would build instruments veneer suppliers in the domestic brand, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign general wood industry related enterprises to provide quality material warehousing and distribution services. Company has agreements with some famous instrument manufacturers produce spruce veneer intention, currently in production and equipment more than 20 million yuan, expected annual revenue of 6 million yuan. Main processing in: Putian city xiuyu district national timber trade processing zone, more than 60 employees, area of nearly 5000 square meters, more than 20 machines, two lines, logs into boards, sheet processed into a variety of specifications board, finally into a single board. A month on average processing of the original 1000 cubic metres of wood.Less spruce trees tall and straight, section, material is qualitative slightly soft, straight texture, uniform, fine structure, easy processing, good resonance performance, is an instrument (piano, violin, guitar) material. The company keep a long-term cooperation relationship with many suppliers, unit price relative to other production of veneer manufacturers have discount.

    Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, science and technology leading, the good faith as the base, the customer is supreme" the management idea, advocated "innovation first, quality first" purpose of the enterprise brand management, give full play to the enterprise good team spirit, in the spirit of hard work and optimistic attitude to overcome and solve the enterprise in the developing of any difficulty, grasp the opportunity and grasped the nettle and the enterprises bigger and stronger.