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Putian  FuChun Wood CO., LTD




Address:China putian city in fujian province xiuyu timber trade processing zones at the national level

Resources Advantage


       The total area of 88210 hectares of forest, Canada is the world's first big forest products exporter, BC is after Ontario, Quebec, Canada's third largest forest products areas, forest stock volume is 10 billion cubic meters, mainly for the soft wood accumulation. Inferior wood industry is committed to create both in line with international standards, at the same time fusion lumber quality standard system of China's national conditions, make lumber standardized production, processing, trade, logistics distribution is a body comprehensive large enterprise groups. Putian xiuyu import logs quarantine landing companies with the preferential policy, using professional location advantage of port and harbor industry, timber and Canada BC provincial government and forestry industry cooperation, joint development Canada yellow pine, SPF lumber resource, greatly reduces the cost of raw material purchasing supply, guarantee the company source of raw materials.

        Company according to the needs of different consumers, the development of three series, more than 30 varieties, mainly including logs, planks, by-products and other categories. Company mainly imported raw materials, mainly including: Douglas fir, the big yellow pine, hemlock, chicken wings, and the flowers, the sand Billy, okan, etc; Drying of material, finished product mainly includes furniture line of primary, secondary, tertiary material, building material points south, west, outdoor landscape material, superfine materials including one-sided, double-sided no, diameter and cutting materials, integrated timber, joinery board, refers to the board, anticorrosive wood skeleton, dragons, etc.; Byproducts mainly wood shavings, sawdust, pedal, wood. The company plans to develop LVL plywood, MDF board, particle board, man-made board, wood carbide and other new products and new varieties.