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Putian  FuChun Wood CO., LTD




Address:China putian city in fujian province xiuyu timber trade processing zones at the national level

Company Honor

Since its establishment for glory

In February 2013 by the communist party of China putian city xiuyu district party committee, xiuyu district people's government awarded "brand to create advanced unit" honorary title

In November 2012 for good faith for the advancement of putian city xiuyu dis
The communist party of China putian city in November 2012 and credit promotion association awarded "advanced unit" honorary title
In October 2012 by xiuyu district of the city forestry bureau issued "safe production standardization level enterprise" honorary title
In August 2012 in putian city advocacy integrity services in foreign-related real economic activity in foreign exchange won the honorary title of "credit enterprise of foreign exchange"
Putian city national tax bureau in August 2012 and awarded the honorary title of "tax credit a-class taxpayers"

Putian city people's government in March 2012 and awarded "putian city keep the contract heavy credit enterprise" honorary title